Additional Learning Needs Transformation

You will probably have heard that there are proposed changes to the way children and young people’s special educational needs (SEN) will be identified, assessed and met in Wales.

There are some significant changes. For instance, as the name of the act suggests, the term ‘special educational needs (SEN)’ will be replaced by ‘additional learning needs (ALN)’. This in turn means the SENCOs will be known as ALNCOs. School/Early Years Action, School/Early Years Action Plus and Statements will disappear and every child with recognised ALN will eventually be issued with a new statutory document called an Individual Development Plan (IDP). This is not to be confused with individual education plans (IEP) which will also be phased out. Unlike statements, which stop when a young person leaves school, IDPs will continue up to 25 years of age if the young person goes onto further education.

The Welsh Government has produced an overview of the new system that will give you a good idea of how the Welsh Government expect things to work.