Ethos and Wellbeing Council

Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at St Mary’s. This, coupled with our Christian Values and Church school ethos form the foundations of our happy and thriving school. We combine these important foundations and are excited to announce that we have introduced the ‘Ethos and Wellbeing Council’ at St. Mary’s. Members were elected by their classmates after preparing and presenting speeches, they wear badges so that everyone knows who they are what they do.

The Ethos and Wellbeing Council members take part in a variety of jobs across school, including supporting both collective worship and the Church ethos of our school. They help to plan and evaluate collective worship and work hard to promote our Christian values around school.

We use the myHappymind Programme across school as an important part of our Health & Wellbeing Area of Learning and Experience. The programme centres on helping pupils to understand how their brains work, and equips children with the tools to build resilient, balanced and happy minds. myHappymind is taught across five modules and each introduces a new set of content and habits to help children build resilience, self-esteem and confidence:

Meet Your Brain

Understanding how your brain works and how to ensure we look after it so that we can manage our emotions and be at our best. Growth mindset is a key part of this too.


Understanding your unique character strengths and learning to celebrate them. This is a fantastic module for building self esteem.


Understanding why gratitude matters and how you can develop gratitude as a habit.


Understanding why positive relationships matter and how to build them. We’re focussed on the building blocks of good relationships and friendships.


Understanding how to set meaningful goals that matter and how to keep resilient in times of challenge. This module is all about building self esteem and resilience too.

Our council members lead myHappymind launch assemblies each half term and help us to think of ways to spread happiness around our school! 

If you would like more information about the myHappymind Programme, please follow the link below.