Eco Council

ECO LogoOur elected Eco-council has been going strong for a number of years and we have successfully gained our bronze and silver awards and our members are striving to achieve our green flag as soon as possible.

We have looked at waste at school, our wonderful school grounds and thinking about a sustainable environment.  We have worked in collaboration with our student council and are becoming a formidable team.  We are raring to go and are absolutely bursting with energy and ideas!  We are currently reviewing the amount of energy our school uses and are looking at the impact of the solar panels on our usage.

After the completion of the refurbishment of some of our toilets, we have become more conscious of the water that is used and unfortunately wasted at times. 

We would welcome any ideas, thoughts or comments you may have for us to discuss at our next lively meeting.  Thanks to our newest recruits for their enthusiasm so far and for the continued support of our past Eco-council members too.