Year 1 Information

Well hello and welcome one and all to the fantastic, splendorous and amazing class that is year 1!

Please feel free to take the time to look at the work on the walls with your child and celebrate the spaces that we use on a daily basis.  We have an ‘open door’ policy and are always willing to listen to any problems or indeed ideas that you may have and remember that no matter how small, we are here to help whenever we can.

The Foundation Phase Framework that outlines the progressive skills that your children need to gather throughout their time in the Foundation Department can be found by clicking below:

I would like to remind you to ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name as we already have a collection of sweatshirts and cardigans on display with NO names!

Our diary dates are the first port of call for information and dates; there are always spare copies available and should we need to change or swap dates we will endeavour to text you with the updated information whenever and wherever possible. We do use ClassDojo to communicate with you on a regular basis either by a class post or individual messaging. 

I am certainly looking forward to a fun packed year ahead.