Autumn term 2022

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring our school grounds to see what mini beasts they could find. We found lots of wood louse hidden under logs, a snail, an earwig, a spider in its web and a worm. The children had the opportunity to use a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the mini beasts. They did an excellent job at counting how many legs each mini beast had, along with recognising the difference between mini beasts that can fly and those that can’t. 

Once we returned back to class, we attempted to draw a picture of some of the mini beasts that we saw!  

During our Forest School session, we have been focusing on the change in season. We talked about the change in weather and the leaves on the trees. Children were then tasked to create a natural mandala. They explored Forest School and collected lots of sticks, leaves, conkers, flowers etc. They then worked together to create their mandalas. They did a fantastic job! 

We began by exploring the book ‘All Around the World- The Animal Kingdom’. As a class, we looked at the different habitats and explored which animals lived where. The two habitats we have decided to focus on is the Desert and the Artic (hot/cold). 

During our discussion, children engaged and contributed some excellent answers, using their previous learning from the book ‘The Great Explorer’, to help them recognise what animals live in a cold habitat. 

Children were then tasked to sort the different animals into hot/cold habitats. They were encouraged to use the globe to support them with this, as it displays ‘hot’ countries in yellow and ‘cold’ countries in green & white, as well as the different animals that live within that place.