Forest School Foundation Phase

Benefits of Forest School

The Forest School ethos fundamentally acknowledges individual learning processes by supporting participants at their own pace and following their lead as they explore a safe and stimulating environment full of sensory diversity and variability.

Woodlands are a fantastic learning environment: they are robust, resource-rich, sheltered, safe and constantly changing, providing an exciting place to learn and our attraction here at St. Mary’s is that we have our very own woodland in the school grounds!

Value added benefits of visiting forest school on a regular basis

Rich supply of resources and materials for use in other curriculum areas.

  • Opportunities to involve parents and wider community
  • Chance for staff to observe students in a different setting.
  • Opportunities for staff to learn new skills, and enjoy the benefits of FS too!
  • Offers an alternative to our over reliance on digital and electronic sources for recreation, learning, socialising
  • Offers an opportunity to become fitter and healthier.
  • Participants learn to recognise and assess risks for themselves.

New pictures of our exciting woodland adventures coming soon  . . . .