The relevant section of the School Prospectus states:

The School has a uniform and parents are requested to provide their child with the appropriate clothing.


Pupils should wear school uniform daily.

Boys – Maroon/burgundy sweatshirt, light blue polo shirt, grey trousers (or grey shorts in summer term).

Girls – Maroon/burgundy sweatshirt/cardigan, light blue polo shirt, grey skirt/trousers (or blue gingham dresses in summer term).

Please ensure your child’s name is all on items of school uniform.  During winter months in particular, can you please ensure your child has a suitable coat.

PE KIT – Children must wear suitable clothing for physical education lessons.  If possible a blue or white T shirt and shorts.  jumper and tracksuit bottoms for lessons outside.  Long hair should be tied back.  If a child is unable to take part in a PE lesson due to a medical reason – a written note or communication from home is required.

For Health & Safety reasons jewellery must not be worn in school other than a watch and/or pierced ear studs, which must be removed before any PE lessons.  No make-up or nail varnish is to be worn.

A limited amount of sizes of uniform is available from the School Office, or for a larger range of sizes please visit Sarah’s Embroidery  in Penley.  Telephone 01978 798024 or 0800 9992207 or click on the link below