INTERNET SAFETY DAY February 7th 2017

At St. Mary’s, today,  we are each partaking in exercises, workshops and sharing our ideas about internet safety.  There is a wealth of information available to families that will encourage good practice that will help to keep your children safer online.  From early on in our school community, we teach children the importance of being safe, both on and offline which is equally reflected in learning in KS2 as ‘Talking Safely online’ as well as in personal and social education.  

We have attached a number of up to date resources that have been shared with us at school and hope that you as parents, carers and the immediate community find some our links useful.

Our ‘HWB’ network has a wealth of fantastic, up to date  resources and links to answer many questions that you may have regarding Internet safety and keeping your child safer online ~ follow the link below: