Summer Term 2024 in Early Years

This term our topic has been Journeys…thanks to the children’s input in the planning this topic has taken us in many different directions…! 

We began by looking at the Journeys that we take – this included looking at different vehicles and where they could take us. We made amazing vehicles during our outdoor learning sessions from loose parts and have begun using our newly learnt skills in the woodwork area to create our smaller vehicles from wood. We have incorporated the theme of vehicles into our math’s by creating graphs of how we travel to school as well as in the writing area where we have created lists of what we could pack to go on our own Journey. We have also looked at pattern and how our journeys and the different ways we travel create tracks. 

We have welcome Simon Airey from Corner Exotics into to school with his wide range of animals. It was amazing to learn more about how these animals have changed over time and the journeys that they make. Following his visit, we have researched the different animals we saw and learned more about the landscapes and habitats that they live in.  

We have also followed the Journeys of our class Caterpillars and Tadpoles and the changes that they have made as they transition into Butterflies and Frogs. We have used the observations of the caterpillars to learn more about size and measure as we have watched them grow, developing our math’s language to talk about and record size at the start of their journey when they hatched to when they formed into chrysalis. 

We have taken part in Outdoor Learning Week where we experienced a range of exciting activities from going on a Nature Journey to a Sensory Barefoot Walk to planting our seeds and recording the changes that they are making. It has been a very busy term…Next term we will be starting our adventures with the story ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and continue our learning Journey!