Summer Term 2024 in Year 1

Water: Exploration and Journeys

Continuing Our Water Journey into the Summer Term

We are thrilled to be taking our exploration of water through a series of exciting opportunities and activities this term in year 1. Our journey has been enriched with creativity and science, making this a truly engaging experience for everyone.

Once Upon a Raindrop: A Magical Workshop with James Carter

We had the pleasure of hosting James Carter, the acclaimed poet, author, and musician, who brought his book Once Upon a Raindrop to life. James entertained us with his unique kenning poetry and enchanting music, creating an unforgettable workshop that celebrated the wonders of water and words. 

World Book Day Celebrations

World Book Day was a fun-filled event, with children dressing up as their favorite characters, enjoying our reading café, and participating in a whole school parade.

Eisteddfod Daffodil Challenge with St Collen’s Church in Llangollen

In collaboration with St Collen’s Church, we took part in an Eisteddfod Daffodil Challenge, celebrating Welsh culture and creativity. The event was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the wider community and showcase our talents with children creating a daffodil in a variety of media to display.

Water Experiments, Waterproof Testing and apple taste testing too

With our friends in year 2, we have conducted fascinating experiments about water and waterproof testing, sparking curiosity and a love for scientific exploration among our pupils. We conducted a number of experiments with apples too after exploring the life cycle of an apple tree – we now know our favourite apple for snack and also which fruit floats or sinks too. Who doesn’t love a splish, a splash or a splosh? 

Science Club Adventures with Xplore

Our after school club with Xplore led to a series of thrilling science club activities. We explored volcanoes, conducted vinegar experiments, and built innovative Lego creations. These sessions have been both educational and fun, inspiring a deeper interest in science.

Sophia Leadill’s Corn Dolly Making Workshop

We were honored to have Sophia Leadill guide us through the ancient craft of corn dolly making. Her vibrant and inspiring workshop connected us with traditional skills and provided a hands-on creative experience and the children enjoyed having their parents at the workshop too.

Join us as we continue our exciting journey with water, exploring its many facets and the adventures it inspires. Stay tuned for more updates and see what great fun we have along the way. 

Lego Club

Year 1 and 2 have been fortunate to be able benefit from funding given by Overton Community Council in their ‘Community Chest’ this term in the form of new Lego sets and kits.  The sets have been purchased to enable pupils to access ‘Lego Therapy’ which, with adult support, encourages children to use verbal and nonverbal communication skills, take turns, share and use problem-solving skills.

Forest School

A few examples of the fun we have in our well-established forest school sites this term – a wonderful, unique environment established for almost 18 years at St. Mary’s. 

Exploring Data Collection with Jellybeans!

We’ve been busy collecting data and turning it into colorful pictograms. Our recent project involved using jellybeans to learn about data collection and representation, and it’s been very tempting (and tasty)!With our data collected, we transformed it into pictograms, making it easy and fun to visualise our results. Alongside our data activities, we’ve been delving into the part-whole model in maths. This model helps us understand how numbers can be broken down into parts and how they come together to form a whole. It’s a great way to see the connections between numbers and improve our arithmetic skills.We had great fun and feel free to try some of these activities at home. Happy learning!