Autumn Term 2023 in Year 6

Year 6 have been busy getting in touch with Nature this half-term for their focus on Biodiversity. We have been inspired through our whole school focus on ‘The Lost Words’, a beautiful poetry book of ‘spells’ which aims to conjure back the magic of our natural world. 

Our first eco-adventure took us to Talacre Beach to explore this unique habitat that is now a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. Our visit was led by Kim Norman, ENI Land Management Officer, who is one of the many people who are working hard to manage this conservation area and help protect the ecosystem. We learnt about the impact of coastal erosion and explored the sand dunes and strandline to identify some of the species that live there and learn more about Talacre’s endangered species. 

For our next eco-adventure, Year 6 visited Xplore in Wrexham to participate in their ‘Wild Watch’ day. We took part in a workshop to learn about habitats, food webs, and the importance of biodiversity in ecosystems. Pupils then engaged in the Citizen Science scheme to survey biodiversity around Wrexham town centre. 

Inspired by our travels, we have also been busy taking care of the wonderful natural habitats around our school grounds and sharing appreciation for our natural world, and ways of caring for it, in our class assemblies.