Autumn Term 2022

Blwyddyn Chwech – Autumn Term 1

As part of our whole school RE immersion topic on how Harvest is celebrated in different religions, Year 6 have enjoyed researching and presenting their work on the history of Paganism and different Pagan Harvest festivals. To bring our learning to life, we created our own Mabon altar in class and plaited  ‘corn dollies’ in our outdoor learning lesson. We are also looking forward to working with Liz, owner of the bakery Ma Bakes in Overton, to make loaves inspired by Pagan recipes and designs. 

Our theme this term is ‘Journeys’ and, as part of this, Year 6 have been looking at how we can look after ourselves and promote our wellbeing on our life journey. This also links to our Science and Technology focus on the heart and circulation. We visited Dangerpoint, an interactive activity centre in Talacre designed like a film set, to learn about safety and essential life skills. In class, we have taken a virtual reality trip through the heart using Oculus Virtual Reality headsets to see how the heart functions. We have also enjoyed working with Will from Technocamps on a project linked to health – using microbit coding and Tinkercad 3D design to create a ‘Smart Water Bottle’ to help promote wellbeing through sensory technology. We are even going to 3D print our completed designs!