Meet The Staff

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Staff List 2018/9

Mrs Louise Williams, Headteacher

Mrs Louisa Burton – Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Kate Edwards & Mrs Jen Neal – Reception Class Teachers

Mrs Kay Lawrenson – Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Jo Richards – Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Jackie Dodwell/Mrs Jen Ashworth – Year 3 Class Teachers

Miss Nia Williams – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Darren Morris – Year 5 Teacher/Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lindsay Williams – Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Kate Davies, Mrs Sarah Darlington, Mrs Kate Edwards, Mrs Angela Hughes, Mrs Sonia Whittle and Mrs Debra Wilde.

Catering Staff – Mrs Carol Morrison and Miss Gemma Peagram

Midday Supervisory Assistants – Mrs Sarah Darlington, Mrs Joy Davies, Mrs Sandy Foster and Mr Callum Southall (Glynis Farley, Relief MDS)

Mr Andrew Johnson and Ms Jackie Tombs – Caretakers

Mrs Lorraine Conaghan and Mrs Diane Johnson – Cleaners

Mrs Caroline Rogers – School Secretary