Year 6 Spring and Summer 2021

Spring Term

It was great to be back in School for the last two weeks of Spring Term after a term of home learning due to COVID. In Year 6, we continued our theme of Flood and Climate Change, based on the novel we had been studying for home learning, Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. We also took writing inspiration from the picture book Flood by Alvaro F. Villa. 

Linking this to Science, we learnt about Changing State including making predictions about what happens to the weight and density of ice as it melts. This gave us a model of understanding of how climate change can lead to rising sea levels through the melting of sea ice. We also imagined we were the main character in our class novel, Zoe, and what we would need to do to survive – designing water filters and considering the importance of clean water. For fun, we also had a go at the coke and mentos experiment!

Summer Term

On 22nd April, Year 6 participated in an online workshop, along with other Wrexham Schools and Wrexham Football Club to support Stephen Lawrence Day.  We learnt about his legacy and focused on themes of friendship, respect and difference.  We heard from players about their experiences of racism, and pupils from every school had the chance to ask questions, with the best question winning a signed Wrexham FC football. We were thrilled that St Mary’s were named the winners with Jess’s well-considered question: “Do you think racism in football has affected players’ mental health?” It was certainly a thought-provoking session. 

It was Wales’s Outdoor Learning Week 19-25th April and so the whole School took their learning outside. In Year 6, in Science, we have been learning about Carl Linnaeus and his system of classification of living things, so we explored the school grounds and mapped and identified a variety of trees and plants using their Binomial names. We also spent time gardening, pond dipping and learning about plant and animal adaptations. Being outside really brought our learning to life but we also felt the benefits to our health with Tigs saying: “I really feel being outside more has benefited my mental health and wellbeing.” 

Our theme this term is ‘Darwin’s Delights’ and so we have been immersed in the world of Charles Darwin and his voyage of discovery on HMS Beagle. Our class novel is Darwin’s Dragons by Lindsay Galvin and the picture book What Mr Darwin Saw by Mick Manning. So when we were asked to contribute to the Village’s Scarecrow Competition it was obvious who to model our scarecrow on – Darwin! We have been learning about how Darwin was a regular visitor to Overton as his sister lived in the large Georgian property, The Brow.

Year 6 have been proudly wearing their Leavers hoodies for PE this term – we can’t believe it’s their last term but we will make sure it’s memorable!