Autumn Term 2021


Hello and welcome to Year 4. The children have settled back into school life brilliantly after the summer break and have been eager to get back into the swing of learning and fun!  


Our topic this term is based on ‘We Are All Wonders,’ linked to the book by R.J. Palacio. We have been thinking about what makes us and our community unique and special. We are reading the novel ‘Giant’ by Kate Scott, which is an exciting read, all about growing up and learning to be yourself!  

We have been thinking about our ‘Cynefin’ – our place in the world and why it is special. The children decided that they wanted to inquire about the buildings in Overton, about how they have evolved over the years. We got in touch with Liz and Michael who are currently in the process of transforming the Old Pharmacy House into a Bakery. After studying old photos and pictures of objects they have found in the transformation, we wrote to them with lots of questions. Liz kindly came into school to answer our questions, she even brought in some of the objects that they have found, we were very interested about what the bottle labelled ‘Poison!’ was used for! 


Our PSHE Jigsaw lessons this Half Term have focused on the theme of ‘Being me in my world.’ We have explored the idea of who we are in the world, and how do we fit? We have thought about how our responsibilities and actions have an impact on those around us, including what we can do as part of a team to make our school community a better place. We have elected our Class Student Councillors who will represent our class as part of the School Council. After some brilliant presentations and a class and teacher vote, Evelyn was elected as our main councillor and Logan N-P as our vice councillor. 

Religious Education 

Our school Christian value this Half Term has been on the theme of Generosity. Our worship sessions have focused on God’s generosity in giving us the earth and its goodness to grow food at Harvest time. We visited Church and spent time with Reverend Peter who taught us all about the seeds that are planted to provide God’s Harvest and listened to words from the Bible to tell us why God is generous in giving us such varied gifts. Reverend Peter also blessed our Harvest food donations which have been kindly received by the Yellow and Blue Charity in Wrexham this year. We also looked at the Welsh artist, Janet Weigh-Reed’s painting called ‘Thanksgiving’ which shows a painting of a church in a Welsh village where she lived. She says it is important as it is as if the spire of the church is trying to reach up to the heavens to give thanks to God. We thought about the beautiful outside spaces we have at school and took time to create artwork as part of our Forest School sessions to show our favourite parts and reasons for why we are grateful to God. Together with Year 3, we used these paintings and our thoughts to create a Harvest assembly.  

Forest School Adventures 

We have loved getting back into our Forest School sessions this Half Term. The children have taken inspiration from nature and have written their own Quintain poems. We have also started to think about the important Climate Change, COP26 meeting happening in Glasgow next month. The children have written their own #promisestotheplanet promises about what they can do to help protect our planet. We will do our bit to get our voices heard! We were also very excited to do our bit in helping to plant around 500 bluebell bulbs around our school grounds. We are eagerly awaiting Springtime, for the beautiful bluebells to appear!  

Virtual Events 

We were treated to a virtual author event with no other than Sir Lenny Henry earlier this term. He told us all about his inspiration for writing his new superhero book, ‘The Boy With Wings.’ We have been inspired and have designed our own superhero characters which we will be using to create our very own Pie Corbett inspired stories next Half Term. I’m sure we have some budding authors in Year 4 this year, just watch this space! 

We also took part in a special bible translator workshop lesson earlier this term. Ladies from the Education Team at St. Asap Church showed us a video all about how William Morgan and his friends translated the Bible from English to Welsh. We took part in code breaking activities and looked at interesting replica artefacts which would have been useful to William Morgan and his friends all those years ago. 


We have started our Science topic of ‘Animals, including humans’ by looking at the human digestive system. We have learnt about our teeth and their functions and have done very some messy practical work looking at the various parts of the digestive system.  

We are excited to move into the next Half Term, watch this space to see what it brings!