Spring Term 2019

Welcome to our wonderful Year 2!


We have had a busy couple of terms in year two, having lots of experiential learning experiences. We are part of a Shirley Clarke Research project and have been learning all about having a ‘Growth Mindset’ and what it means to be a good learner. We have carried out lots of collaborative activities and are learning to be confident and supportive team members. To launch the project to the whole school, each class teacher read the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and then produced some wonderful art work and took part in a range of activities that included, STEM, literacy and mathematics.

The children have been involved in planning their learning and are enjoying taking on challenges that consolidate and extend their prior learning experiences.

This term we decided on the topic ‘All About Me’; after discussing the contents of our ‘Talking Bag’, the children thought of things they wanted to learn more about, each child thought of a question they wanted answered and they have researched and produced some amazing pieces of non-fiction writing. Techniquest visited school with artefacts and activities that taught the children about skeletons and healthy eating.

We have had fun at Forest School, measuring sticks to make kites, using sticks to explore place value, sorting natural objects and engaging in cooperative imaginative play.

We have enjoyed exploring colour; a favourite science experiment was discovering that black is made of different colours. We are now moving onto explore our senses.

In art, we have looked at Kandinsky when exploring shape in mathematics. We created observational drawings and water-coloured paintings of daffodils as part of our St David’s Day celebrations. In the autumn term, we were very lucky to have the Welsh environmental artist Tim Pugh visit school and work with us on large scale art installation using plastics that have been found on beaches. We looked at Tim’s natural art work after this and created some amazing individual art at Forest School. This term after signing up to watch the BBC’s Blue Planet Live Lesson, some children were inspired to collect litter from the school grounds and subsequently have created posters and produced a short video to share with the school.

We are looking forward to next term when our focus will be on story telling as many children are becoming budding authors.

Mrs. Jo Richards and Mrs. Kate Edwards