Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 2, we are pleased to be back in school with enthusiastic children who are keen to support each other and take on new learning challenges. We have welcomed two new friends into our class this term and everyone has settled into life in year 2. The children have supported each other and made sure that our new friends are happy and well looked after. We are looking forward to a happy and exciting year ahead.

We have been developing skills to be:

  • Ambitious, Capable, Learners by – always trying their best, explaining what they have learnt, asking questions and working things out.
  • Enterprising, Creative Contributors by – helping others, working and playing in a team and to using skills in work and in play.
  • Ethical, Informed Citizens by – caring for the environment, having the belief that we are all different but equal, to understand that actions and behaviour have impact on others.
  • Healthy, Confident Individuals by – trying to be independent and do things themselves, understanding that mistakes help them to learn and not to give up, to respect themselves and make and keep friends and to understand how others are feeling.

We began the term reading the book We’re All Wonders by R J Palacio and basing lots of discussion around how we may have similarities, but we are all different, wonderful and unique with lots of talents to offer. We carried out role-play interviews working in groups of three. The children took it in turns to be Auggie, this involved donning a crash helmet, whilst someone interviewed him, and someone was a camera operator. Once the group had decided on a set of questions and which role, they would carry out we videoed them, we may well have the next news readers on our hands! We have created lists of things that Auggie may want to take to space with him, we have written a description of Auggie and our friends.

In math’s we have been focusing on measurement, learning how to measure in cm and m with increasing accuracy. We decided to measure the sunflowers that we planted in the summer term, and we measured ourselves. We are working on collecting and representing data about ourselves and our friends, creating pictograms and tally’s and will move onto bar charts next half term.

We have worked in individually, with a partner and in groups in the outdoor and indoor environments. We have played a range of team games, putting our trust in others and supporting our friends. We have used our imaginations at Forest School, taken risks and explored the nature.

We have welcomed visitors into school:

  • Overton Growers and Overton Wildlife volunteers were welcomed into school and provided us with over 500 native bluebells, which we planted in our school grounds, we can’t wait for spring now.
  • Along with our friends from Shropshire Barn Owl Group we have helped to put up owl boxes in a field next to school, hopefully owls will nest happily in their new homes.
  • Vikki Roberts from Real PE came in to work with us and we had lots of fun being all kinds of animals and moving in lots of different ways.

Next half term will see us asking the ‘big question’ Why are seeds so important? We will be exploring our natural world and the need to look after it for future generations.