Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to year two and the start of a new and exciting year ahead. Our theme for the first term is based on two books: George Saves the World by Lunchtime and The World came to My Place written by Jo Readman. They deal with recycling and where our food comes from and the implications of this on the planet. We hope to visit Acton Scott Working Farm Museum during the first half term, so that the children can experience farming in the past. We will be looking at the work of two artists: Georgia O’Keeffe and Claude Monet. Your child will create poppies using paint, clay and recycled materials. Once complete we hope to have a ‘gallery evening’ so that you can enjoy all of the children’s art work.

I look forward to working with you this year, working in partnership is so important to ensure that your child has the best opportunities possible. You will receive diary dates each half term, which are full of information. I will meet with you more formally each term to discuss your child’s progress, but as you are already aware my door is open to you, so if you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate in coming in to see me. You can find the Foundation Phase Framework on the following link:

This gives a year by year skills framework and what your child will be assessed on.

Reading: I understand that after the long summer break you will be anxious to support your child’s reading development as soon as possible and I actively encourage you to read daily with your child. As I get to know your child in the first few weeks I will be assessing their reading level and making any adjustments. Your support and patience at this time is appreciated.

I would like to make the follow requests:
– All clothing is named
– Your child’s reading books must be returned every week with the home-school diary. This is very important to ensure that good literacy skills are developed by the end of the Foundation Phase. If you lose your child’s home reading diary you can purchase another one at a cost of £1:00 from the school office. If you lose any of the reading scheme books we do request that you either replace them or send in the cost of purchasing a new one, as we use them for group and individual reading activities.
– For Forest School your child will need waterproofs and extra socks for wellies with hats, scarves and gloves when the weather turns colder.
– For P.E your child will need indoor kit, consisting of blue or black shorts and a white or blue t-shirt.
– Please check that your child has a pair of wellies for playtime’s as the weather changes.