Year 1 Spring and Summer 2021

From our welcome back in February to bees in our summer term and everything in between  . . . 

It has been incredible to be back at school, back where we enjoy laughter and friendship and being with our St. Mary’s School Family.  The resilience and trust that the children in our care have never ceases to amaze us and as soon as we’d had a chat, caught up with each other, we were ready to learn from some fabulous activities.  We took part in St. David’s Day celebrations and undertook some beautiful drawing and painting of daffodils together.

We have enjoyed ‘loose parts play’ as part of our outdoor learning and feel very lucky to be able to explore this learning experience with our friends.  We loved World Book Day activities and have enjoyed looking at the stories by a favourite author of ours, Oliver Jeffers.  

We have had time for some springtime gardening, supported Red Nose Day with a whole school ‘Red Nose and Spoon’ relay and enjoyed using our maths to create Easter cards this year.  

We have recently started to use ‘Jigsaw’ as our PSHE scheme of work and have spent time developing our mindfulness techniques and how to relax, calm ourselves and connect with one another.  We have coupled this with yoga sessions too.  

We undertook a study of Overton to look for signs that our school is in a Welsh Village and completed a scavenger hunt to look for clues together.  

Meeting Spectrum Ted to talk about Healthy Relationships was a new experience; we joined a webinar and took part in live activities with our friends.  

Outdoors has been an amazing resource this term; we have used coding to create an activity and a map for Red Riding Hood to reach her Grandma’s house whilst avoiding the Big Bad Wolf! As part of our topic about Growth we have loved exploring bees! We have become complete bee experts and have created a bee hotel and cafe for them to (hopefully) visit us at St. Mary’s.  We have created honey biscuits, eaten honey sandwiches and created a bee dance in PE to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’.   We have become intrepid explorers and loved being able to be back in our regenerated pond area.

Our most recent project before half term was to take part in Overton’s Scarecrow festival where we worked as a team to create ‘Two Bees or Not Two Bees’ as our entry.

Thank you for taking the time to look and to read all about us in year 1 and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you soon . . . .