Summer Term 2019

Year One Summer Term 2019 

This term has been exceptionally busy and we have had some great experiences along the way.  We began our term with a detective visit to St. Mary’s Church in our village where we looked for signs and symbols that represent God and Jesus.  We looked for crosses, fish, candles and doves and learned what they each depict.

We continued  our exploration of our local area by creating maps of Overton and looked for signs that showed us that we are a village in Wales.  We looked for signs of how things have changed since long ago and even completed a traffic survey to learn about the different sorts of traffic in our village.

We have also become fully fledged ambassadors of ‘loose parts play’; we have enjoyed showing other children our excellent resources and have developed our independent play and have enjoyed taking risks in the outdoor environment with a range of different apparatus.  The children created swimming pools, hairdressers, rockets and landing pads and rowing boats – to name but a few examples of where their imagination has taken them.

Benji kindly donated the pumpkin plants that he has grown from the seeds in his Halloween pumpkin from last Autumn.  Every child took a pumpkin home to try to grow and we planted some beautiful specimens in out school garden also. Thanks Benji! 

We were visited by a story teller who told us tales of wizards and magical river creatures; she came as part of our Village Fete’s art funding for the parade in June.  We worked with artist and screen printer, Amy Caswell to print on material and create a shoal of amazing and unique fish for the tale of her river creature as part of the parade – it was wonderful to see the creation taking shape and then to see it in it’s glory as part of the parade along our village high street. 

We were visited by ‘Buddy’ from the NSPCC who taught children to ‘Speak out and stay safe’ and the Child-line number – that the children can recall by a snazzy rhyme! 

Sports’s Day was incredible! and our budding athletes made us super proud! Their team colours and their true colours shone through with their amazing team spirit and their support for their friends.  They were absolute stars in the making! 

We created a piece of artwork for the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen that was collected by the Vice-President of the Committee and our local community co-ordinator, Mrs Carol Dykes.  It will be displayed in a new area developed where the competitors meet – very exciting! 

We have undertaken ‘Walk Wise’ training; we have learnt where to walk, what is a hazard, how to cross a driveway,, talked about other road users and thought about how to use the pavement, road and kerb.  We remembered ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think!’ and had to supervise the grown-ups to then be safely returned to our school.  

We fitted in a trip to Powis Castle too where we studied how life was different in day gone by.  There were items to spot in each room that didn’t belong, they were modern day items that were out of place in the castle rooms – we spotted a football, trainers, a playstation, modern day books, to name but a view and then spend the afternoon exploring the fantastic castle grounds.  What a fantastic way to spend a day and we loved it! 

Right at the end of term we began to develop a new area at school; as a garden to our new reading den we have worked together to build a garden for our friend Daisy, with each chidl painting a stone to place in the newly forms petals of the flower.  

Wow! I think we deserve a holiday guys! What an amazing term spent with incredible children!

Kay Lawrenson x