Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2022

Well hold the front page! It’s already Spring and we have loved every minute of the time we have spent together, the activities we have explored and the experiences we have enjoyed with our friends.  We have used our maths skills to learn how to measure trees and then estimate their age, finding out that our Sequoia Tree (Giant Redwood) is the widest, the oldest.  We enjoyed the book ‘It started with a seed’ by Laura Knowles and we collected a variety of seeds to share back at school after the half term holidays.   We continued this work in St. Mary’s Church Yard as part of Cynefin, finding out about where we belong, the area where we live and our school is sited.  

We have used Jigsaw to think about the things we are good at and how we need to work together, through experiences and ideas, step by step.  We made cereal boxes that became treasure chests to celebrate our families and our own skills and achievements.  

The story Tidy by Emily Gravett became our inspiration for the early part of the Spring Term where we learnt to retell the story, think about the different characters and in particular, Pete the Badger and what happened when he made a mistake! We also looked at the importance of the Countryside Code and helped to design our own too.  

We celebrated Dydd Gwyl Dewis Hapus and enjoyed creating art for our Eisteddfod.  We looked at different Welsh traditions and shared Welsh cakes for snack together.

We have recently turned our attention to two new friends in year 1 and have enjoyed the stories Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty, experiencing a new tinkering area and architect’s area.  This has really been our impetus for our study of Overton and further afield for the Summer Term . . . . . watch this space!