Spring Term 2019

Spring Adventures 2019 

Spring Term 2019 

The Spring Term has been an incredible term so far . . 

We have been learning ‘What’s it like to be me . . . . ‘ and have experienced such a range of activities together.  

We were kindly donated a beautiful doll’s house and spent our first few weeks of term learning how to write thank you letters and cards; this culminated to a visit to our ‘Pop Up Post Office’ in it’s temporary home in our Parish Room in Overton.  We learned how our letter would travel, how much it would cost and how much it weighed.  We also heard the good news when it arrived at it’s destination. 

We also took part in  Internet Safety Day and we have spent some of the morning talking about real life friends – what real friends do and what we can do for them. This is to prepare us for discussion about ‘online friends’ – this can be particularly important if your child converses with others in online apps or games such as Minecraft etc. Children are so very aware of technology and what we can use it for – at the age of 5 and 6 so many are aware of the apps that you as parents use such as Snapchat and Whatsapp as examples and many prefer to watch YouTube instead of traditiona lchildren’s programmes on TV and our discussions are alway scentred around being safe and making the right choices. We sent a  home learning sheet that could generate discussion about this important subject. 

We took a whole school approach to ‘Growth Mindset’ this term and have created some amazing work about Vashti and her incredible journey into becoming an artist when she felt supported by her teacher.  Come and look at our work on display, it’s absolutely incredible! 

We used our forest school sessions to extend our learning about measuring – we worked as teams and as pairs to measure and record our findings in the outdoor settings which provided in depth relevance to our planned activities.  

We took part in St. David’s Day and World Book Day celebrations, both of which, were lots of fun! In fact, they were ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. 

The children have fundraised for Comic Relief and raised awareness for World Down Syndrome Day by donning odd socks – a really big thank you must be extended to our special classmate, Eva, who spoke so confidently about DS and her incredible little sister, Issy.  You made us very proud indeed Eva! 

Look out Summer Term, we’re coming . . . . . . . .