Spring Term 2018

Well hello and a very Happy New Year from year 1!

We meet this Spring term with excitement as we have learnt that our new topic is going to be based around the BIG QUESTION of ‘Why are animals endangered?’  

On our very first week back we met rangers from Chester Zoo who talked to us about the animals from Africa in particular.  We learnt about the very different habitats where animals live  – Desert, Coastal areas, Grassland and even Rain-forest and unfortunately learnt a little as to why some animals are in danger of extinction. 

We have also had an informative session from Cariad Charity, that was set up by Mrs Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw, to raise the necessary funding to provide local schools & communities with defibrillators and life saving training.  Ian, their trainer, told us that even getting help from someone else, be it a neighbour or by telephoning the emergency services that we could help save a life! What amazing information to learn from a day at school we thought.  He told us they would ask us WHAT has happened? WHERE it has happened? WHEN it happened and WHO we are – not such scary questions and especially when we are talking to a friendly Emergency Services Operator.