Spring Term 2017

Well hello and welcome to the fantastic, fun filled, fabulous, freezing and fanciful spring term. Can you tell we’ve been learning about alliteration? We’ve slowly tied our tongues in knots and created some tongue twisters and have just begun acrostic poetry with our names and about the seasons.

April 2017 – fun and games 

March update – celebrating St. David’s Day 1st March 2017 

As part of our exploration of poetry this term, we have created beautiful acrostic poems about Winter and more recently about Dragons – we decided that in order to involve families in the creations that children intended to make to accompany their dragons, that we would send the poetry home over the half term holidays. Well, disappointed we were not!!! What a cacophony of splendid Dragons appeared – made from wood, paper, recycled materials and even biscuit, the dragons materialised in all their glory! We do appreciate that time at home is precious and we all lead busy, hectic lives but we are truly thrilled with all the magnificent creations and length and breadths of effort that have quite obviously been put in.  It has made our poetry come to life and has extended our literacy sessions in both English and Welsh greatly, so a heartfelt thank you to everyone who entered into our Eisteddfod spirit.

Have a look at a selection of our entries below:

Spring term so far . . .

We are exploring measure as our maths focus at present and have recently developed a whole new weight and measure area in our atrium.  We have been exploring length as well as developing our number skills and learning about money and we’ve got so much more to do!

We have also begun to investigate weight and have continued to develop our skills of estimation – tricky for some and we’ve had to work hard to convince some children that an estimate is never right nor wrong – just slightly closer or further away from the answer when we check!

We have been lucky to secure football training from Brickfield Rangers and currently have many budding Ashley Williams’ and Sophie Ingles’ in both our boys and girls sessions for year one and two.  Think maybe the grown up’s need referee training too?

To further develop our Helpwr Heddiw sessions we have been learning to tell each other about our favourite places to go ~ Ble wyt t’in hoffi mynd?

We have so many amazing things planned and do look forward to the incidental explorations that come from the ideas that your children naturally generate.  Please remember, we’re here when you need us and don’t be afraid to ask us if there’s anything we can help with; we do pride ourselves on the environment in which to nurture your children and are always happy to help or answer questions you may have.