Autumn Term 2021

Well, we’re back! We’re back with bucketloads of excitement, a bundle of laughs and are raring to go! The children have come back to school, in a new and alien environment to them and have successfully embraced it all, taken everything in their stride. 

We have used the book ‘We are all wonders’ by R J Palacio to begin to think about how different we all are, how much we have to offer to the world around us too. We have thought about what makes a good friend and how we can be one also.  We have used ‘Tyfu fyny’, our growing up resource to look at how we are similar and what makes us all different too.  We have looked at labelling our bodies and have discussed what we already know about the inside and outside of our bodies.  Much of this work has been influenced by our jigsaw topic of ‘Being me in our world’.  

We looked at messages we had written with Mrs Neal and Mrs Edwards in reception and talked about what sorts of things we were worried about and excited about coming up to year one.  It was rewarding to realise that the little hinges we were maybe feeling a little anxious about were definitely not worth being worried about and we are all readily settled into the year one of doing things already. 

We have had lots of fun with maths outdoors, loose parts, forest school and a musical afternoon with the County Music Co-operative.  We have enjoyed our own library sessions and have looked at how our fruit and vegetables are labelled that we eat for snack – where do they come from? Which are our favourites? What do we already know about where our food comes from too.

All this, and much more, packed into a few short weeks – onwards and upwards to Christmas! 
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